Specialist PI Insurance for Allied Health Professionals

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Tailored PI insurance for Allied Health Professionals
Established in 2011

HPI Online is a specialist provider of professional indemnity insurance for Allied Health Practitioners. We are a division of Medisure Indemnity Australia, who are a specialist underwriting agency for healthcare, wellness and lifestyle related risks.

Cover designed for you

With over 60 modalities currently available online, you can tailor your policy to cover all aspects of your services – whether you offer a range of natural therapies, or just provide first aid services on the weekend, HPI Online provides coverage that is built specifically around the services you provide.

Extensive policy inclusions

Do you work across multiple locations, or provide telehealth services? Our policy covers you Australia wide, no matter the number of locations, and includes coverage for telehealth automatically.

Professional indemnity insurance built for allied health professionals

HPI Online has catered to allied health practitioners for over a decade, continually improving and expanding our product offering to encompass the ever growing health and wellness space.

With more people than ever choosing to work independently within the allied health sector, it’s important you choose an insurer who can provide peace of mind in what can be some of the most stressful times of your working life.
We understand that your day-to-day can be ever changing, and have built an insurance policy to encompass those activities.

Specialised coverage for your industry

Frequently asked questions

HPI Online policies include cover for your professional indemnity, and public liability insurance.

Determining the appropriate amount of Professional Indemnity (PI) cover is essential for protecting yourself against potential claims or lawsuits related to your professional duties. While specific requirements may vary based on your workplace or state regulations, here is some general guidance to consider when determining the amount of PI cover you need:

  • Assess your work environment: Consider the nature of your services, including the type of environment/s in which you work. High-risk areas may require higher levels of coverage due to the increased likelihood of critical situations and potential for errors.
  • Evaluate potential risks: Reflect on the potential risks associated with your business. This may include factors such as the complexity of your client’s needs, the number of clients you care for, and the scope of your responsibilities. Assessing the potential severity and frequency of risks can help determine an appropriate coverage amount.

Remember, the decision on how much PI cover you need ultimately rests with you. It’s important to carefully consider your individual circumstances and seek guidance when necessary to ensure you have adequate protection in place.

  • Public liability
  • $100,000 inquiry costs
  • Legal consultation
  • Compensation for court attendance
  • Good Samaritan acts
  • $250,000 lost documents
  • $25,000 public relations expenses
  • Spousal liability
  • $100,000 statutory liability

This list is not exhaustive, to read the full terms and conditions, please click here

Case Study

Navigating the landscape of insurance requirements can be complex, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our team at HPI Online is here to support you.

  • Following a patient complaint, Max’s professional indemnity policy covered all investigation and legal costs involved with responding to AHPRA and getting the issue resolved.

    Professional indemnity insurance played a crucial role in protecting Max through the claims process, cover legal expenses and potential compensation.